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A recent article posted on Enterprise Management 360 suggests that research carried out by Approved Index claims that 2 million entrepreneurs in the UK still do business without a website. These are some of the findings from the report:

  • The report finds that it is potentially costing them £343 billion each year
  • Introducing a site mainly impacts small-sized businesses – growing their revenue by £106 billion once they’ve got a website.
  • The report found, when divided into business sizes, that the businesses operating with just one member of staff or a self employed manager are the biggest portion of the companies without a site.
  • Small-sized businesses (10-49 employees) make the biggest additional contribution to the economy. The report forecasts should they introduce a website as part of their marketing strategy’s, their revenue could grow as much as £106 billion a year.
  • 330,000 SMEs don’t have a website, with a site, they could be generating as much as £150bn a year in extra turnovers.
  • Medium-sized businesses would also make high gains if they introduced a website, with a predicted additional amount of 16.7 million a business, each year.
  • The Primary and Construction sector contains the greatest number of companies operating without a website.


Internet age


The findings of this report prove that in the current internet-age, businesses not realising or ignoring the importance of having a website are highly putting themselves at risk, potentially by losing out to competitors with a website and losing high amounts of revenue.

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