HiTeam helps your business grow and succeed delivering long term growth and success. We have a range of services to benefit your business. Effective websites that look great, social media or SEO packages that generate traffic to your site and strategic planning to elevate the success of your business.

We donate 10% of our profits to local charities and we pride ourselves in being one of the only digital marketing agencies that donates to charity. This is due to our belief that alongside helping SME’s to grow their businesses, we have a duty to help others whenever and wherever possible. These core values have been an essential part of our business since the start in 2011 and we are passionate about maintaining them for years to come.

A digital marketing company with a conscience, we are proud to be working with wonderful charities like Peace Child International and Cambridge Wood Craft Folk who are striving to expand their reach in the hopes of being able to support and help those in need on a greater scale internationally.



Peace Child International

Peace Peace Child values the voices, minds and goals of the youth; their aim is to, through employability and entrepreneurial training, improve the livelihoods of the youth in the developed and developing world. By doing so, they intend to succeed in their vision of providing every young person with the skills, confidence and opportunity needed to get decent work. Peace Child Entrepreneurial Training is completely in line with WebWorksWell that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the foundation of all economies either large or small.

Click the following link to find out more about Peace Child International.

Cambridge Woodcraft Folk

Cambridge Woodcraft Folk through activities, outings and camps aim to help their members understand important issues like the environment, world debt and global conflict, develop activities focused on sustainable development and to encourage children to be aware with the hope that they will help build a peaceful, fairer world. Much like Cambridge Woodcraft Folk, we are focused on the bigger picture, hoping that by supporting local businesses and by using solar panels we can help contribute to a brighter future for the world.

Click the following link to find out more about Cambridge Woodcraft Folk.



Free SEO worth £495 when new website ordered. Hurry! Only available to last few customers. 


A website for your business that looks great and works well.


Generating an audience for your business.


Helping you develop a reliable business strategy.


We’ll help you find the right people to fit into your team and add value to your company.


Providing your business with experienced management as and when they are needed.


Professional logos and photographs for your website and other marketing materials.



HiTeam will always prioritize our existing customers needs first. So you can rest assured, when using our services, that support will be there for you when you need it.


Located in Histon & Impington, Cambridgeshire, HiTeam supports local organisations by offering a 10% discount to local businesses.
HiTeam donates 10% of our profit to charity.


We are highly dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.


I had a website built for me a while back by a local freelancer. While the website looked fantastic, the biggest issue was marketing the website to rank on Google. The team at HiTeam worked closely with me in order to make the changes needed to the website, and I have seen significant improvements since, including new customers.

I spoke to Mark at length for the first time last week. He was professional, direct and empathetic. I found his business knowledge and specifically industry knowledge excellent and I look forward to working with him in the future.


Amanda Egan

Mark is charismatic and extremely professional in his manner, a good people-person and easy to liaise with at all levels. He is highly competent at problem solving with the minimum of fuss and also has an engaging personality which instantly makes anyone he deals with feel important.



Paul Legate

HiTeam helping to launch Cambridge Business

Cambridge Business launch event has been announced and will be held in Lakeview hotel, Histon, Cambridge on 27th February 2020, from noon until 18:00.This event is ideal for any business owners or entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, or want to...

Keyword Research for your WordPress Website

What is it? Keyword research is a practice used to find and research search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject. These keywords are needed to help a website rank on search engines. Alongside this, there is relevant content...

Finalists for Multiple Awards with Family Business United!

We are delighted to say that we are finalists for multiple awards with Family Business United! Our own, Zayd Choudhary, is down for the Apprentice of the Year award. Our CEO, Mark Layzell, is down for the Lifetime Achievement award, and HiTeam Limited are down for the...

HiTeam nominated for FSB Digital Business of the Year

Well, what a fantastic way to start off March. WebWorksWell and HiTeam have been nominated and are finalists for the FSB Digital business of the year and product invocation awards; this has come to no surprise to Mark Layzell following the highly successful year of...

Cupcakes in the office!

Well what a way to finish off an exciting Thursday! Fresh cupcakes in the office are always an upside when working with us, beautifully baked by HiTeam’s finest, Amanda and Lilly, for all to devour. It’s the small things that we all enjoy here...

Why your website needs an SSL certificate

Did you know that Google are lowering the rank of websites that don’t have an SSL certificate? Google have made this feature live since January 2018 and it’s seriously impacting websites that haven’t set up a SSL certificate meaning people won’t be able...

How to get more Traffic to your Website

No traffic, no leads. No leads, no sales. No sales, no business.   The Right Content   In order to create the right content, you need to find out who your target audience are. Once you have figured that out, you can create posts that benefit...

HiTeam shortlisted for Family Business of the Year 2018 awards!

HiTeam has been shortlisted for the Family Business of The Year 2018 awards in the East & East Anglia region! Mark Layzell, CEO, is incredibly pleased about the nomination for Family Business of the Year and we’d like to show how much a family...

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Social media has revolutionised the way that people do business, maybe even more so than the telephone ever did. Every day, we find new and potentially better ways to incorporate social media into our daily lives, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by...

Mobile-first! It’s the Future of Browsing

As we all know, the popularity of using smartphones to browse the internet has become ever so increasingly important in 2018. It’s a fact that we spend on average 5 hours a day on our mobile phones and smartphones are the most popular way to browse the...


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