Well, what a fantastic way to start off March. WebWorksWell and HiTeam have been nominated and are finalists for the FSB Digital business of the year and product invocation awards; this has come to no surprise to Mark Layzell following the highly successful year of 2017. HiTeam has set in the foundations and is now an even more reliable and effective company for digital services in Cambridgeshire and the whole UK.

Mark said that he’s “delighted” about the nomination and excited to see where 2018 will take WebWorksWell and HiTeam with their different approach to web design and improvements. WebWorksWell and HiTeam take over websites to improve them, saving the customer thousands of pounds as well offering a state of the art Website checker that tells you exactly how your site is performing, absolutely free. Their Free Web test is one of the many reasons why WebWorksWell and HiTeam are recognised as an innovator of digital services. To see how your website stands up to the competition, try out our web test completely free of charge with no sign ups here.

WebWorksWell is opening a new branch in London and is delighted to bring high-quality services at reasonable prices to an entirely new market and can’t wait to expand over the UK in the next 5 years.

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