What makes a good logo? One of the main features which really stand out for logo design is simplicity; a logo which is simple is a logo people will be able to easily recognise.

Making your logo unique will really make it stand out against the ocean of unoriginal logos out there, for example take a look at the Starbucks logo. It’s instantly recognisable; you could tell it apart in a crowded space without thinking as it is truly unique.

Another thing to remember is to keep the logo design relevant to your company. You want your customers to get an idea what you sell from just looking at your logo. An example of this would be burger king, their logo represents a burger, and you’ll be able to know this by looking at their logo for the first time.  Colours also play into creating an effective logo, there are different colours used for different types of companies and for what they sell.

Your logo should be timeless; would your logo design still be relevant 60 years from now? Make sure that you’re logo isn’t based off of a current trend or a piece of easily replaced technology as it will be out dated in the future.

The last thing to remember is to keep your logo appropriate to your target audience; if you’re selling toys then you’ll want your logo to be attractive towards young people and children by using colour and shapes effectively.

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