We’ve all seen it, used it and heard of it. Email marketing is nothing new but so many companies completely forget to use it as social media is the way forward for marketing to customers and fans.
If you’ve managed to not get caught up with Email Marketing then this article is perfect for you as we’re going to run through different methods and uses of Email Marketing.

The concept is really straightforward; Email marketing allows you to market to people directly to their Email. You’ll have to of course gather a list of people to email by collecting customers email addresses, you can do this by having customers enter their passwords onto your website when they sign up for an account or have a mailing list available on your website for people to sign up to.

One way to grab people attention is to offer discounts on your products and services, people are always looking for a way to save money. Personalizing emails is also a great way at doing this, for example you can give discounts for a customer’s birthday or even a Happy Birthday message to them, and it’ll leave a good impression on the customer and can increase customer loyalty.

The main reason email marketing has a bad reputation is companies bombarding customers with annoying emails which don’t benefit or inform the customer. Additionally a lot of people will just ignore these types of emails and sent them directly to their spam folder.

There are plenty of websites to choose from when deciding who to send your emails out to, these companies make it easy and user friendly to batch send thousands of emails at once, a great example is Mailchimp which allows a free version of their mailing system, they have other packages which range in prices that give more advanced features and mailing options. It is common for sites like this to allow emails to be sent out automatically and on a schedule.

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