Local information

When marketing your small business, you’ll want to allow people to know how to find and get in contact with your business! Make sure that this information is easily found on your website or even better create a Google maps listing free of charge through Google, this will allow you to display your Location, Opening Hours, Email and Phone Number.
Small little features like this will make your business stand out more than businesses without as it reassures the customer that your business is legitimate.

Contact and reachability

When linking your contact information to the website, you’ll need the contact information to be factual. Nothing looks worse than a company’s contact information being wrong; it looks unprofessional and is not up to standards in 2018.

Additionally you may want to consider setting up multiple social media channels as statistics show that people prefer to contact businesses via social media than making a phone call and sending an email.

Social Media and content posted

For small businesses in 2018, social media is an essential when branching out to new clients and to grow a business up, one of the greatest integration to social media is being able to talk directly to customers by direct messaging and posts that are targeted towards your audience. 

The greatest part about direct messaging on Social Media as a business is it allows customers to be able to ask about issues or general information without taking up much of their time as people are already using social media to interact with friends. Additionally the majority of people are online and using social media with a range of all ages using it. 

Another feature social media websites include is direct advertisement for your business, Websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all support advertisement, for a fee your business can advertise to people who have a similar interest to you, if you’re a business that sells camera accessories and you market using social media, photographers and people interested in cameras will see your adverts.

When creating original content for your audience, you must make sure that it’s relevant for that audience! It seems simple enough but so many businesses are creating content that isn’t relevant to the audience they’re marketing to. For an over exaggerated example, an IT recruitment company’s original content should not be about gardening!

Mobile Friendly

So you’ve just had your website created and it looks fantastic on your Computer but it looks awful on mobile, if you’ve been in this position then you’re not alone! So many businesses have websites which aren’t mobile friendly and can put off a lot of customers if they can’t check it out on their phone.

In 2018 mobile users make up 50% of search engine queries and this number is increasing, you must be able to make it stand out and be responsive on mobile.

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